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Amsterdam based Studio Koen Steger designs spaces, immersive installations, site-specific art and objects that research the relation between form, light and human. We collaborate with clients both in culture and commerce with a main focus on urban public areas, museums and cultural organizations.

We want to illuminate unconscious processes in the mind. To show how reality is created. Making people aware reality is relative and therefore create a new view on what is present. Together with a team of experts we combine art, science and technology to recreate an experience from within the brain in tangible form. These new created spaces or installations play with our perception. To create a great impact these spaces often enclose the observer. The observer becomes part of the formulated experience and literally a part of the space for new perspective. The spaces are often a new encounter with the self.



Studio Koen Steger
+31 620715933
Transformatorweg 28
1014 AK Amsterdam