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Alles Zwart

The Set equals an action. Hours and hours of labour with an endless number of objects. To create a new geometrical whole, almost like an army. This drives the actors to utter concentration where at the height of this meditative repetition they start the performance as one. The set is a new version of a secular ritual where a geometrical pattern is being build that metaphysically or symbolically represents the cosmos, an image from the subconscious. With this the actors shape a new world together before they step into it. It is Mexico City, Maastricht, Marrakesh, moon landscape at the same time and then before, during and after the third world war.

Director: Marcus Azzini
Text:  Hannah van Wieringen
Played by: Lusanne Arts, Anne van der Burg, Abe Dijkman, Bart van den Donker, Beaudil Elzenga, Jade Olieberg
Scenography: Koen Steger
Light: Yuri Schreuders
Directing-assistent: Charli Chung
Production: Job Rietvelt
Production-Assistente: Stans de Jong & Patou ten Cate
Technical production: Daan Westendorp, Marianne van Andel & Jacco Windt