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Alles Zwart

Concept and design for theater set

A play about different people, who want to behave as a group. Through performing the same meditative behaviour on stage, they manage to achieve the same wavelength. The perfect start for their performance.

For the graduation show of theater education ATKA, Studio Koen Steger was asked to design the set. The story features a group of young people who fear how the world is evolving and want to take action as a result. An attack against the European parliament is in the making and instead of performing as individuals, the participants want to feel and act as a group – as one.

Repetitive behaviour to become one

The idea for the decor was inspired by sand mandalas – beautiful sand patterns created by Tibetan monks which are then promptly destroyed. The set represents a modern version of a mandala, where a geometrical pattern is being built metaphysically or symbolically, representing the cosmos – an image from the subconscious. Prior to the start of the play, the actors began to create their own mandala with an endless number of objects. Through the use of these objects, they created a new geometrical whole, almost like an army. This drives the actors to a point of utter concentration. The audience takes their seat and watch as the actors shape a new world together, before they step into it. At the height of this meditative repetition, they destroy the neatly placed objects, and start the performance as one. 

Period: 2016

Director: Marcus Azzini
Text: Hannah van Wieringen
Light: Yuri Schreuders
Production: Job Rietvelt
Production assistant: Stans de Jong & Patou ten Cate
Technical production: Daan Westendorp, Marianne van Andel & Jacco Windt
Played by: Lusanne Arts, Anne van der Burg, Abe Dijkman, Bart van den Donker, Beaudil Elzenga, Jade Olieberg