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Voyager one

2017, 11x 6 x 6 metres, steel and led-light. Concept and design for the set of music performance Voyager One, on the roof of Rotterdam’s old train station and Terschelling (Oerol). Commisioned by: Touki Delphine in co-production with Productiehuis Rotterdam

The Decor for music theatre play Voyager One is a ‘transmission station’ in which all musical instruments are linked to 34 LED lights attached to the steel construction. The LED lamps are programmed to translate music into light. For example, volume translates to intensity and pitch to color, inspired by synaesthesia, a mix of senses.

Theaterkrant: “Voyager One is an absurd cocktail of music, theater acts, choreographies and individual texts, enhanced by the exuberant scenography of Koen Steger (…)” ****

By:  Bo Koek, Rik Elstgeest, John van Oostrum, Arend Pinoy, Bernadeta Astari, Chris Doyle

Set Design: Koen Steger
Sound design: Miguel Rodriguez
Light Design: Martijn Nieuwenburg / Koen Steger
Costume Design: Esmée Thomassen