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2015, 9 metres diameter, 5 metres high, wood, fabric en led-light. Concept, design and execution. Technical drawings in collaboration with Kelvin Pater

In 2015 I graduated from the Amsterdam School of the Arts with the installation Hypnagonia. In this installation the audience lies in a color-changing dome. Because the audience does not receive any visual information, the brain is stimulated to relax and create slower waves. The aim was to stimulate Thèta brainwaves (these are waves we experience during dreams), but the suspicion is that the installation mainly generated Alpha waves. We experience Alpha waves during relaxation. You become relaxed but alert. This makes us process information better and get rid of stress.The installation was nominated for the AHK final work price and is currently being further developed to use its advantages for employee well being.

Concept/video:Koen Steger
Concept/Light:Kelvin Pater
Production:Vera Menheere
Photo’s By Robert van der Ree