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VPRO Zomergasten


2017, 16x16x6 metres, camper in water, projection screen. Concept, design and technical elaboration in association with Neal Groot. Commisioned by: VPRO

For the television program Zomergasten, the VPRO created an open call for a new decor. Together with Neal Groot I won that open call. We wanted to create an environment that would stimulate a different kind of conversation. An intimate conversation from an island where the presenter and guest are condemned to each other. The water reflects the projections sof or the observer the camper is surrounded by a world of projections.

The jury, consisting of VPRO director Lennart van der Meulen, art historian Wim Pijbes, Maaike Engels and Thomas Bouvy of Urbi et Orbi, director Edith Ruyg, producer Jenny Borger and editor-in-chief Jurgen van Uden calls the design ‘De Camper’ an iconic and surrealistic statue. “A special place that invites special conversations and also a set where the guest and the presenter can merge into the image.”

Guests: Rosanne Hertzberger, Eberhart van der Laan, Glenn Helberg, Wim Opbrouck, Frans de Waal, Claudia de Breij
Host: Janine Abbring
Editor: Jurgen van Uden
Production: Jenny Borger
Director: Edith Ruyg
Video projections: Urbi et Orbi
Set design: Neal Groot & Koen Steger
Technical Production: Frank Hulsebosch

Images by VPRO