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VPRO Zomergasten - De Camper

Concept, design and technical elaboration of a TV set 

One host, one guest. Three hours filled with questions and answers, with personal moments and reflection on years gone by. Five design studios were nominated to create a new set for the famous talk show Zomergasten. But there can only be one winner.

Zomergasten is a Dutch television programme, broadcast each summer by public broadcaster VPRO. Each episode lasts three hours and consists of an in-depth studio interview interspersed with cinema or television footage selected by the guest. Guests include writers, scientists, television personalities, politicians or business people. Zomergasten has become one of the signature programmes of Dutch public television. In 2017, the Dutch broadcaster created an open call for new decor.

Stimulate a different kind of conversation

Studio Koen Steger won the open call. Their aim was to create an environment that would stimulate a different kind of conversation, an intimate conversation as if on an island where the presenter and guest are confined to each other. From this stimulus, ‘De Camper’ was born.

Seeing as on Zomergasten video plays an important role, on either sides of the big screen seen in the background, video mapping projections were cast onto wooden slabs. The complete setup was encompassed by a massive water tank which gave a spectacular reflection of the projections. The decor was first seen on tv on July 2017 and is still in use.

“‘De Camper’ is an iconic and surrealistic statue. A special place that invites special conversations and also a set where the guest and the presenter can merge into the image.” – The jury

Dimensions: 16 x 16 x 6 metres
Period: 2017

Host: Janine Abbring
Editor: Jurgen van Uden
Video projections: Urbi et Orbi
Production: Jenny Borger
Technical production: Frank Hulsebosch
Director: Edith Ruyg

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