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TONE – a series of playful lamps

Product design 

Take a new material, the love for industrial tube light and the point of view that light is the visual equivalent of music and spectacular things start to take shape. Things that didn’t go unnoticed by FRAME magazine, the world’s barometer of interior design.

PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic, a developer of acrylic and design plastics, asked three noted Dutch designers to design an object with their newly developed material: Versato® Myst. This was an original way in which to showcase their material at Designjunction 2018, the leading contemporary interior design show in London. For this series, Studio Koen Steger designed four lamps, born from the love of tube light, the unique characteristic of the Myst material and the idea that light can portray the visual equivalent of music. Each lamp represents a certain musical note and together they form a chord, hence the name TONE.

Exploring the full potential of the material

The material absorbs and diffuses light at the same time. Where the absorption causes the tube light to be displayed asymmetrically on either side of the lamp, the scattering of the light allows you to catch a small glimpse of the interior – the lamp almost seeming to trap the light within, like water in an aquarium. The lamps were designed in pink, blue, green and orange and the modular shapes enable you to create a unique composition on a happy note.

Period: 2018
Material: Versato ® Myst 

Commissioned by: PyraSied Xtreme Acrylic

In the media:
TONE by Studio Koen Steger was featured in Frame Magazine November/December 2018.


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april 21, 2019

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