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Spatial Connection

Design and execution public artwork.

Seeing simple materials such as tape and scaffold poles, it may look like there’s construction work going on. Then the structure appears to come to life through the use of lights and sounds, surprising passersby.

Spatial connection is a collaboration between Studio Aldo Brinkhoff and Studio Koen Steger. A project that investigates art in the public space, examining how the audience relate and react to it. An exposition, disguised as everyday objects that come to life at random. A new way to encourage passersby to take a fresh look at their everyday surroundings.

Public space in a different light

Six installations were placed across six locations in the public space of Amsterdam, built from simple means such as scaffold poles, shrink foil and construction lamps. The same materials and items that construction companies use to shield their projects.
The sounds that are used, were recorded in the areas which surround the constructions. Every construction has its own light installation, consisting of industrial lamps and waterproof fluorescent tubes. The installation translates sound recordings into light. In this manner, it appears as if the installations absorb their surroundings like a sponge, resonating this back in the form of light and sound.

Period: 2019

Sculptures: Studio Aldo Brinkhoff
Production: Annemoon Mater
Financial support: Het Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunsten, Stichting Mobile Arts

Photos: Jaap Beyleveld