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Concept and design ofa new modular TV decor 

What better setting for a late night talk show then a classy bar – a set that looks like it was taken straight out of London’s Upper East Side?

Daily talk show Pauw has been airing every weekday since 2014, on behalf of Dutch broadcaster NPO 2. Every now and then the set needs a little update, in order to keep it looking fresh. Originally, the set resembled a cosy, dark Cuban bar. Within this design, Studio Koen Steger redecorated the bar in 2017. Later they modernised the setting adding a chandelier, LED lines and a new table. In 2018, Studio Koen Steger was asked to help in creating a complete modular redesign of the set.

Decor matches personality

Fueled by inspiration from clubs on London’s Upper East Side, the new set received an international and classy renovation – a look that matches the personality of talk show host, Jeroen Pauw. The colour palette was brought back from six to three; blue, gold and brown, making the set feel more harmonious. Whilst the added LED lines placed on hip level, show the interior in its best light. The eyecatching table, which is the centrepiece of the programme where the host and the guests are seated, was designed by Studio Koen Steger. Since the entire set had to be made in a modular manner, every recess of the decor is designed to easily be built and broken down in one day.

Period:                     2017/2019
Design:                    Modular

Built by:                   Unbranded