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Amsterdam Dance Event - The Lightscape

Concept and design for an audiovisual installation

Sleep, unwind and find your inner balance at the ADE Zen Space

The Lightscape is a central light- and sound installation by Studio Koen Steger, which invites visitors to lie down, unwind and wander off. The work translates the experience of serenity in natural environments to the centre of Amsterdam and the heart of Amsterdam Dance Event. The soundscape has been developed by sound designer Bouke Moerman.

In a time where most things happen fast, move quickly and are built to last just an instance, sustainability of an experience, yourself and the world that surrounds you are much sought after. Next to the global health trend from mindfulness to superfoods and from yoga to health start-ups, ‘Zen’ is also a big inspiration in the artistic realm. Artists and DJs alike try to provide ways to escape the ever-expanding flow of information and to reconnect with the self and the environment. 

ADE embraces this movement and gives it a place of its own in the ADE Zen Space, packed with art installations, performances, audio-visual meditative sessions and all things zen. 

The new four day program at De Waalse Kerk offered meditative art and special music experiences in order to have a break from a the high pace of ADE.

Dimensions: 30 x 8 x 16 metres
Period: 2019

Sound: Bauke Moerman
Technical support: Aukes Theatertechniek

Photos: Robert van der Ree

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